Sharp Stellite Scraper Saw

Flashing saw blade is used in cutting peripheral wood chips of each batten to ensure the same thickness of each wood flakes without additional correction. Besides, special design of flashing saw blade ensures well-distributed stress in each flake saw blade and flashing saw blade, thus greatly reducing blade breaking rate and enhancing the efficiency. Based on cutting requirements, saw blades are divided into Stellite alloy tooth and hard alloy tooth.

  • Suitable for all thin-cutting frame saws from Austrian, Czechic, Taiwanese suppliers.


Blade Length 380/390/420/430/470/500/550/560/600mm
Blade Thickness 2.11/2.4/3.8mm
Kerf 2.6/2.9/4.2mm
Tooth Pitch 13/15mm

*Production on dimensions required by customers is available.